Let me take a minute to introduce ourselves and our farm,  Boucher Farms.

I, Matt Boucher, and my wife Heather are the proud owners and operators of our relatively small 4th generation family grain farm located in North Central Illinois planting Corn, Soybeans Wheat and Cover Crops.   Heather and I are proud parents to three of Gods greatest gifts and we thank him everyday for the joy they bring into our lives.  Outside of farming, we like to go camping, go to movies, stay involved in our small town (as we encourage everyone to do) as well as other local committees and groups, and we like spend time with family and friends.

Boucher Farms is a relatively small grain farm producing Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat, as well as a few Goats for future 4H projects.   While the history of Boucher Farms goes back generations, the main goal of our farm hasn’t changed: To make a honest living off the land in a sustainable manner, while caring for the environment to ensure a great future for generations to come.


Boucher Farms also has a seed division called Potential Ag which can be found at www.potentialag.com.  Potential Ag is our seed business, with roots dating back to 2004.  Through Potential Ag, we strive to provide local farmers with quality Corn, Soybean, Alfalfa, Cover Crop seeds, Precision Planting Equipment, Agricultural Drones, and more, to help improve their Potential Yield.  We also have our annual P2Y Corn and Soybean Plots. These Plots are seed trials set up to grow various hybrids of corn and varieties of soybeans, from multiple companies in a head to head competition, on a large scale.  The data collected from these plots helps farmers like myself pick which seeds will be best to grow on our farms in the year to come, which hopefully increases their farms overall Potential.



Today, a mere 2% of the world’s population are farmers, who produce quality food products for the remaining 98% of the population as well as themselves.  We very proud and fortunate and humbled to be a part of that 2%.

Thank you for visiting and bringing our Family Farm into your home.

Thank you,

Matt Boucher



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi ,
    Firstly congrats.. this is a very nice and informative blog !!
    coming straight to the discussion point.
    I own a 300 acre farm in India and want to use the VRT technology to increase my yields and decrease the fertilize cost.

    I have recently collaborated with a UAV company who is doing the GPS / GIS precision mapping for my .field and once the maps are done … the major challenge for me is to spray the nutrients in required qtys. I have a traditional boom sprayer equipped with TeeJet nozzles and 744E control which I would want to upgrade to a TeeJet field computer — Aeros but I am not sure if I can achieve the required from this change only or anything else will be required in addition. Also I will need a feedback of The Aeros system. is this robust to use ?

    pls help.


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