2015 Potential To Yield (P2Y) 69 Ac Multi Hybrid, Multi Brand and Sidedress Trial

In this Trial we compare 17 hybrids from multiple brands including Golden Harvest, Wyffels, Pioneer, Stone, NuTech, Pfeister and DynaGrow seeds.

The P2Y trial covers 69 acres, with each of the 17 hybrids being planted 32 rows wide, and roughly 1/2 mile long.  (This is no little 400′ test, this is a real life field trial).  Each hybrid was then sidedressed, 16 rows normally and 16 rows, with the same amount of N plus 1/2lb of MMTS Sugar dissolved into it.

Click the link for the results:  2015-Potential-Ag-P2Y-Corn-Trial-with-MMTS-Sugar-Data-1

Summary: While the hybrid data is what it is, the resulting applied sugar data was exceeded our expectations profiting $8.33 per acre after costs were taken out. ($1.13/ac).  This would result in over a $4000 profit for applying to 500 ac of corn.

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